Friday, 15 October 2010

Vintage Hermès Auction, 9th & 10th November 2010

parisian auction house 'artcurial' will be holding their semi-annual vintage hermès auction on 9th and 10th november in paris. they curated 637 items, and interested bidders who are unable to attend can bid via the phone, or place a bid online. more than anything else i find these auctions to be fascinating. it's like going through the archives of hermès, here are a few items which caught my eye.

i love this beautiful beautiful watch. the description states that it's actually a men's mechanical watch, and the crown set with a cabochon sapphire. the vintage watch has an auction estimate between €500 to €700.

and then there's the brand new pair of calf skin and canvas boots. not sure why it's considered vintage by the auctioneers, but stunning pair of boots nonetheless. it's weird wearing a pair of riding boots in the city, but i've always wanted one. not in my size, the gorgeous boots also have an auction estimate between €500 to €700.

hermès does bottle openers? the stainless steel and gold plated bottle opener featured a tennis ball design, and has an auction estimate between €60 to €80. a great christmas present for the man with everything?

it won't be a hermès auction without some bags. the well used and much loved 'sac plume' has a canvas body paired with black goat skin. the vintage luggage bag has an auction estimate between €700 - €900.

there's also the matching 47cm suitcase with an auction estimate of €600 - €800. travelling with both pieces would really be a sight to behold. even at the top end of the estimate, the price one would pay for both pieces still can't buy you a new hermès luggage bag at retail.

not exactly sure what the publication is, but the description states that it was printed in 1928 to mark the occasion of 'the 100th hermès spring'. this is a definite collectors' item, and has an auction estimate between €150 to €200. i really like it. makes an interesting present don't you think?

impress your dinner guests with the hermès oven gloves, yes who knew?! at auction estimates between €20 to €30, just bid on it and decide what to do with it later. quite often we see birkins on the streets, how often do you see hermès oven gloves?? by definition, the scarcity of supply should sky rocket it's price. a definite steal at that auction estimate.

it just gets better isn't it. it's going to be a harsh winter, and you need this very rare and original hermès mongolian lamb wool/fur coat. it's even in my size (38), so hands off people. i hate to imagine how exorbitant the price would be at retail, this coat has an auction estimate of €300 - €400.

you know you want to.

click here to explore all 637 items up for auction.



  1. just don't fight me for the oven gloves and mongolian lamb coat.

  2. All beautiful pieces. Do you know what kind of leather the watch strap is? Just curious. I don't think I could actually use the oven mitt -- it'd get ruined!

  3. forrest: i am tempted to say lizard but it looks like embossed calf to me. you can email artcurial for more info on the auction lots.

    just wear the oven mitts like gloves then, keep warm!

  4. und wenn die tasche kaputt ist: kein problem! hermes hilft!

  5. horst: das ist nützlich informationen!

  6. hehe. the oven gloves are seriously cute.

  7. Those boots are amazing. A pair I think I'd want to wear just about anywhere, city or not. Very snappy.
    snappy x

  8. those are really adorable!
    and that gloves? i want!



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