Thursday, 14 October 2010

William Tempest at Selfridges Wool Week launch party in H&M

william tempest at selfridges / ph: selfridges

british designer william tempest may not be a familiar name to most menswear followers, but you would have seen his womenswear designs on a pretty starlet or two. mr tempest, whose shows are a hot ticket during london fashion week, attended monday's wool week launch party at london's selfridges in a (fair isle?) knitwear from h&m fall winter 2009.

h&m fall winter 2009 / h&m

wool weel was launched to educate consumers about the benefits of wool, to highlight its premium quality as a sustainable fibre. prices of wool had fallen over the years, presumably with lower demand due to cheaper alternatives like synthetic materials. the campaign will hopefully bring about a buzz, and more people will opt for woolen products again. in fact, i've been wearing merino wool sweaters to work all week to show my support (ok, truth is i am too darn lazy to iron my shirts so sweaters are a heaven sent).

and how do i know mr tempest wore h&m to the event? because i have the exact same sweater! it was actually in the "to be donated to charity" box, but i fished it out for a quick pic, and promptly put it back into my cupboard.

i actually bought the sweater at h&m in milan back in january 2010, it was reduced to EUR5. how could i not?

and mr tempest nearly pulled the wool over our eyes. ok it's 30% wool he shall pass.



  1. Such a killer look! I can't wait to start rocking some epic knits but the San Fran area out here in Cali is having some crazy sunny weather- bittersweet. I want my fall!!! Haha.

  2. I love the look of layered pieces that highlight a great wool sweater. My favorite fall trend has to be tall knee socks peeking over the top of boots.


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