Monday, 11 October 2010

Won Bin [원빈] at Pusan International Film Festival in Burberry Prorsum

won bin / ph: kim jae-hwan/AFP/getty images

you might recall that a few days back r&b singer usher also wore the same gold buttoned peacoat in berlin. a reader left a comment saying that usher did not do the coat any justice, and asked if there's someone else who was also photographed in that coat. south korean actor won bin [원빈] might have heard you as he wore the same peacoat to the opening ceremony of the 15th pusan international film festival.

won bin / ph: jo yong-hak, reuters

got the goosebumps yet? the things i would do to get complexion like that. i think won bin looked great in that peacoat. i have a fascination with gold buttoned coats, there's something regal and authoritative about them, love.

burberry prorsum fall winter 2010 /

this is the second time i've seen won bin wore burberry prorsum. the first was when he attended a press conference in seoul in the gold buttoned shoulders knit. that's not all, won bin also wore burberry prorsum spring 2011 for one of his movie promotional appearances at the film festival.

yes, spring 2011, next season stuff. coming up in next post...



  1. won bin can look good wearing bin liners....

  2. i want to buy it!! very cool coat.

  3. Where to buy the Burberry Prorsum coat? It's sold out everywhere. I need size 46.

    Thanks for any help.

  4. I was the one who left that comment about Usher! Thanks for the post, it looks a thousand times better on this guy!

    I ended up buying a similar one from their "winter storms" collection, and i love it (first designer jacket purchase ever!):

  5. This rare peacoat is now available for sale at Check it out!


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