Monday, 29 November 2010

Ethan Ruan [阮经天] at Cartier Hong Kong flagship opening

ethan ruan / ph: tungstar,

just realised that the way i pieced the two pictures together it looked like a pair of identical twins attended the event. it's just one: taiwanese actor ethan ruan [阮经天] attended last saturday's cartier hong kong flagship opening, dripped in cartier accessories including the "love" ring and bangle.

but let's start with his dressing. in usual circumstances, i find that blue leather blazer to be absolutely hideous. i don't know where it's from but by itself doesn't it scream mid life/cigar smoking? strangely it worked really well with his grey cardigan and neutral tone trousers and shoes. i'm sure being lanky and having great skin helps. great standout smart casual look against the cartier red backdrop and carpet.

ethan ruan / ph: tungstar,

when ethan decided to switch hands in his pocket, we saw that he was also dressed in what appeared to be the white gold ballon bleu de cartier timepiece. the 18k white gold crown featured a blue sapphire cabochon. i love love love the watch, it's one of the classics from cartier, ever so high on my wishlist.

if he don't mind my slight critique: i would really prefer the brown/gold version of the watch which should match his outfit nicely.

ballon bleu de cartier in 18k gold casing /

the stunning detailing on the ballon bleu de cartier timepiece. le sigh.

yes i honestly did harbour thoughts of getting the ballon bleu de cartier timepiece (in brown/gold combination) when there exist a cause of celebration. of course the opportunity cost of acquiring it meant other wishlist items would be on hold for longer: including my favourite camera leica m9, or money going towards my own bachelor pad.

oh the boredom of rational thinking.

cartier winter tales /

"oh santa baby, hurry down the chimney tonight."



  1. Personally I don't find his jacket hideous at all (on its own, not in this particular styling case)
    And I do like his pants a lot (they look very Lanvin-esque actually), although I would definitely choose other shoes to go with these pants (too matchy-matchy in here)
    The watch is perfection indeed

  2. his shoes are a bit of a non event, but it kinda works. it would be perfection if he wore mr hare shoes!

  3. my biggest complain is the baggy pants on our Golden Horse Best Male Actor... I've definitely seen this jacket somewhere... maybe burberry prorsum :)

  4. i really like his trousers though, very relaxed. i don't think the jacket is prorsum, can't believe i see a prorsum jacket and don't recognise it!


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