Saturday, 27 November 2010

Faye Wong [王菲] in Beijing in Duvetica and Rick Owens

faye wong /

i don't usually feature female artistes on my blog, but faye wong is my long time idol and she's wearing unisex pieces so i have to make an exception. growing up, faye wong's music and movies made a big influence in my life. i am so in love with her, even though she took a multi year hiatus to make babies with another man. but she's back this year, and above were pictures of her after her comeback concert in beijing. excuse the casual outfit, she's just performed a 2hour set. see my love for her? she was spotted leaving a restaurant in a duvetica jacket as well as rick owens sneakers.

duvetica fall winter 2010 /

i love duvetica's jackets. from the name, i guess it suggests that it is as comfy as wrapping a duvet around ourselves. the fall winter 2010 jacket featured contrasting zippers and interiors. the menswear versions come in a array of colors, and is available online at luisa via roma here.

rick owens after his spring summer 2010 show /

faye was also spotted wearing a pair of ultra cool rick owens sneakers, which mr owens himself wore (laceless) at his spring summer 2010 show.

the rick owens sneakers for men is also available online from oki-ni here.

gosh i could completely emulate faye's look, i feel that much closer to her now. yes it's an unusual and nonsensical post, but i still adore her after all these years. here's a video from one of my many favourites: passenger [王菲 - 乘客]. it's in mandarin and it's a cover of swedish artiste sophie zelmani's "going home". in the opening scenes, faye wong wore the much lauded olivier theyskens designed rochas dress.

happy weekends everyone.



  1. i totally love seeing women in menswear! both the jacket and the RO shoes look fab on her! i find it very very sexy! thanks for sharing!

  2. don't advocate your love for faye wong publicly, she is like the iconic figure for the gay community. ppl might misjudge U for something you are not, don't give me wrong, i only express my love for faye when there is no one around, and believe me, my love for her is bigger than the universe, although her recent performances have been deteriorating and disappointing :(

  3. There is something sexy about seeing a woman in men's clothing. Especially when they fit her the way these do. Great music too, even sexier. Very snappy.
    snappy x

  4. love her music and style too. was glad to have been able to watch her perform in hk. dou wei was on drums; they're still together then.

  5. gosh, it's so rare to see Wang Fei in such a casual loose-fit sporty look!
    she looks so good and younger than her usual street-shot!
    well chosen!

  6. re: 十十f十

    good to know that her and DouWei are still cool with each other. They're so rock n roll!

    re: matthew,

    since when FayeWong became the iconic figure for gay community in China? I thought so many people love her, because she represent an era and she definitely has become a national treasure.

  7. i don't understand matthew's post. who cares if people think if you're gay or not. it's the 21st century and we're not exactly in the middle east here.

  8. glad to see her wearing something other than moncler in winter ... her husband ruined it for all of us !

  9. There's a post on Faye Wong's style on Fashion Spot which dissects her fashion. She wears alot of Lanvin I believe.

  10. OMG! I just now recognised & realised after viewing your blog entry, that the very man I see almost every week at the local gym is Rick Owens!! LOL! How funny!!


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