Monday, 1 November 2010

Pyrenex x Alexis Mabille glitter embroidered quilted jacket

one of the showpieces i saw at studiohomme's showroom in paris, was this exquisite feather down vest sewn on with thousands of glittery metallic pieces. it was amazing how the metallic pieces reflect the light. definitely the piece to arrive with on a cold winter's party.

on close up, it wasn't just normal sequins but rectangular futuristic shaped pieces.

could wear it the way model florian bourdila wore his...

it could look pretty subdued too isn't it? and with all the handy work, it wasn't as expensive as i thought. the exquisite vest is available online here.



  1. Completely unwearable but completely brilliant too!

  2. finally, something shiny and sparkling for men. and it's not too girly.

  3. Love it! I tried this on at the party during fashion week : ) some LOVELY pics floating around haha

  4. so great
    ... not sure if I would ever wear it but...
    it would need to be done with all black


what's he wearing?