Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Red Camo Collection by Trussardi 1911

i love fashion sketches, never knew that the sketches for accessories could be so vivid and life-like. for christmas 2010, italian fashion house trussardi 1911 designed a special "red camo" collection, on sale exclusively at online retailer thecorner.com.

with my fascination for voyage and travels, my favourite of course has to be the keepall above. trussardi 1911's camouflage keepall is given an update with red handles and luggage tag detailings. i really like it. can one have too many travel bags?

other pieces given an update, include the above ipad cover with a rather sexy red suede panel hidden inside. i thought long and hard, i really want an ipad. but at the rate technology is moving i am unwilling to get one now until v2 is launched. so hurry hurry apple, so i have a reason to get the red suede camo ipad cover.

click here to see more red camo trussardi 1911 products.

oh gosh, is santa listening reading my blog?



  1. I was so excited for the camouflage print, but when I saw the red velvet... I sighed... still working my way to the come back of velvet:)


  2. i like the short bursts of red, and i believe it is red suede, not velvet...

  3. not really a fan of camouflage but trussardi does make it look chic with those red details.


  4. hey
    that is a really nice bag
    i followed you
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