Tuesday, 28 December 2010

At Korean drama "Dream High" press launch, Bae Yong-Joon [배용준 / 裴勇俊] in Raf Simons and Park Jin-Young [박진영 / 朴軫永] in Rick Owens

ph: sina.com

at yesterday's event to publicise the new korean drama serial "dream high", several actors from the show attended the press conference, including bae yong-joon (above left) and park jin-young (above right). both were dressed in black / white, but with very different styling.

ph: sina.com

bae yong-joon [배용준] opted for a rather formal yet utterly well cut and stylish suit from raf simons fall winter 2010. the beautiful suit appeared to have snap on/off buttons as opposed to traditional round buttons that we are used to. the felt detailing added a different dimension to the suit. really loving the suit on bae yong-joon, i thought it felt age and event appropriate. really nice.

raf simons fall winter 2010 / gq.com

ph: sina.com

fellow cast member park jin-young [박진영] attended the event in a black lambs leather jacket from rick owens fall winter 2010, paired with very boring, unflattering and way too long black trousers. slightly perturbed why he would pair the avant garde coat with the run of the mill trousers.

great coat as it is, but i stand by my opinion that belted coats rarely flatter 99% of the male population. belted coats add bulk to the waistline, i would only suggest them to someone with a smaller waist and broader shoulders. in my opinion, the coat is doing nothing for him.

rick owens fall winter 2010 / gq.com

i like the way the coats are styled on the runway, but really not many are able to carry off the looks with ease. if you are keen, the rick owens leather jacket is current included in the fall winter sale, available online here.



  1. I agree with you about the belted coats. I do like the color choices and overall look, but tough to pull off if you're not a male model.
    snappy x

  2. It's not a felt detailing on Raf Simons jacket, it's that fluffy part of the velcro actually, it still looks kinda fun though.
    I can't say that it works very well for this guy though, it adds around the same amount of bulk in the waist as that belted coat (at least in his case the trousers are of the perfect length)

  3. does anyone know where bae yong-joon's glasses are from?

    thanks :)


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