Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Christian Louboutin at PAPER + AOL's FriendsWithYou Party, Art Basel Miami

ph: http://artbasel.aol.com / clint spaulding, patrickmcmullan.com

with mika, my favourite louboutin sneakers wearing man about town currently in hibernation, it is left to mr louboutin himself to give me my louboutin sneakers fix. the man himself was in miami last night, attending the "paper + aol" party in a pair of sneakers, which appeared to be very american inspired.

the first word that came to mind was "wonderwoman". this is the first time i've seen mr louboutin in this pair of sneakers. don't know what the name of the shoe is, but the female heels equivalent is called "miss america". hmm in that case i really love "mr america", the blue worked really well with the denims.

i've been told this is now in stores, i am so going to mount street to try them on!




  1. oh yeah i saw this pair at local store too.

  2. his blazer looks like the uniform of Darren Criss's school on Glee. hehe.

  3. This blog is good and supportive to us.

  4. yup, seen them here in jakarta over the weekend, tried them on too... but way too expensive for me...around US$900... yikes!


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