Wednesday, 22 December 2010

GAP Toggle Hoodie Wool Coat

day 2 of my christmas shopping, and while browsing at gap i (again) deviated from shopping for others and tried on the wool toggle hooded coat. the camel color is right on trend, and i have a thing for toggle coats, i even did a quick poll on it previously.

i like the coat, but then i have coats to last me for the next 10 winters. and then it's back to shopping for others (but i did harbour the thought of getting this for my housemate but i think the coat will overwhelm him, and he could then give it to me instead...)

yay, nay? the wool toggle coat is also available online here.

sean o'pry and taylor fuchs for gap fall winter 2010 / credit: gap



  1. Nay for me bcz I'm not a great fan of toggle coats; Looks good on you though!

  2. With yr frame, u look good in many things. Love your Gucci shirt...


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