Friday, 10 December 2010

Joe Casely-Hayford for John Lewis

designers designing for high street retailers isn't a new concept. some chose for a loud reception to herald the arrival (think lanvin for h&m), while others went for a hush hush 'for those in the know' approach. acclaimed british designer joe casely-hayford designed a capsule collection for high street retailer john lewis, they certainly took the latter route.

for the exclusive collection for john lewis, casely-hayford collaborated with several other british heritage companies like barbour, liberty and cheaney. the result is a collection of very wearable pieces, leveraging the great tailoring skills of casely-hayford with prices along john lewis' motto of 'never knowingly undersold'.

my favourite piece from the collection has to be the above 'paris' cashmere blend coat. they even named it after my favourite city, oh i heart. the coat has a detachable gillet (which you can't really see from above pic) which when zipped creates a 2 in 1 layered look which i really love. and then there's the purple upturned collar, which is just the icing on the cake.

oh i really love. i so need to try it in stores.

and then there's the shoes...

that is one gorgeous pair of shoes, which is absolutely perfect for work. simple, classic but not losing any of the quirky details. based on the classic english oxford shoe, the toe caps feature the unique brogue-punching technique. the amazing thing is, the upper of the shoe is made from one piece of leather only, again leveraging the craftsmanship of cheaney in northampton, a place widely regarded as the savile row for shoes.

joe-casely-hayford for john lewis cheaney 'mentor' shoes, oh i heart. although this is a special collection for a high street retailer, there's nothing mass market about the products. so perhaps hush hush whispers is good. a trip to john lewis is imminent.

and it's friday, let's have some music. the rather controversial cover of elton john's "your song" by ellie goulding, featured in john lewis' christmas 2010 ad.

happy weekends!



  1. Good looking out as always! I am going to have to check those two pieces out pronto!

  2. Great post! I bought a beautifully cut green tweed blazer and a quilted coat from the range. Joe is the best menswear designer in the UK, hands down. Looking forward to whatever he does next.


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