Monday, 13 December 2010

Kenji Wu [吳克群] at Taipei concert in Rick Owens /

artiste kenji wu [吳克群] held a concert in taiwan recently, and wore the rick owens spring summer 2010 sneakers, which is now considered a cult classic. i've been trying to find out what trousers he's wearing too, but the style seems very rick owens-like to me. despite the dubious looking armadillo leather sleeve, i thought he looked great for his concert.

it's all about the big guns isn't it.

rick owens sneakers /

the rick owens sneakers has been through several incarnations. i couldn't find the exact sneakers, but the above is a close match. i think it's less severe, definitely one i would choose. the sneakers are available online here.

what do you think of the extra long tongue of the sneakers?



  1. well, the tongue makes it hard for me to like it. i have short legs so that kind of shoes don't look good on me. but i'm sure long-legged people can carry them.

  2. actually, Rick shoes are not easy to wear. the sole is quite hard and the slightly slanting upwards design is not very comfy.

  3. kenji's clothing is amazing. very medieval-esque and classy-looking!!
    rick owens is my favorite! he's very aspirational!

  4. I'm more interested in those pants kenji is wearing!! omg so good!

  5. I had that exact pair and I only wore them a few times. Incredibly uncomfortable and perhaps too strong a presence for me. Make sure you walk around a bit when you try them. The insole feels like concrete and the sneaker itself is very stiff. I sold them to a friend.

  6. the pants remind me of current f/w Juun J.


what's he wearing?