Monday, 6 December 2010

Ray Lui [吕良伟] at 54th Asia Pacific Film Festival in Balmain Homme

balmain homme fall winter 2010 /
ray lui / tungstar,

last weekend, hong kong actor ray lui [吕良伟] attended the 54th asia pacific film festival in one of my favourite pieces from balmain homme fall winter 2010: the teddy jacket. i love the jacket, bought it in paris last month but not had the chance/opportunity to wear it yet. goodlooking guy he is, but i don't think the styling nor the jacket worked for him. maybe it's just that the image from the lookbook is too ingrained in my mind. when i do wear my jacket, it will be something along those lines.

not entirely sure of ray's styling, what do you think?

christophe decarnin for balmain homme fall winter 2010 /

the teddy jacket is sold out at most places now, love it i do!



  1. i thought it was good...given how the asian stylist are usually good at ruining looks..

  2. The actor looks okay in he jacket, maybe for you It's probably because the actor isn't skinny and white like the model which seems to be the problem with all high fashion - not enough diversity

  3. i didnt think it looked that good on him either...maybe the tie and shirt made it a little too formal.

  4. fit better on skinny people. ray is too sturdy to carry that

  5. Just a quick note: Ray was born in 1956, which means he is now 54 years old!!

  6. that jacket has so much inherent badness, yet he looks suburban. that shirt/tie/jeans/shoes took pretty much all of the toughness out of that jacket. too bad too, because if they had done it right, he would have looked dangerous because of his muscles.

  7. I'd rather see him in suits ... and pass on the jacket to me :)

  8. I don't think he's the right fit for Balmain homme. He's one of the fashion victim in HK, (not clotheshorse, there's a difference). Must say though, he looks good for 54, however, rather see him in something more macho such as Dolce, Versace or Bottega even...


what's he wearing?