Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Ryan Gosling at 'Blue Valentine' New York screening in 3.1 Phillip Lim

michelle williams and ryan gosling / ph: getty images
3.1 phillip lim fall winter 2010 / ph: gq.com

ryan gosling is one of my style idols. he does laidback nonchalance, but also scrub up incredibly well in black tie. he is a very interesting character to watch, passing through airports, at red carpets and/or at his moving screening. at yesterday's special screening of his new movie "blue valentine" at the tribeca grill loft in new york city, he looked effortlessly stylish in a black 3.1 phillip lim fall winter 2010 leather jacket.

perhaps in a bid to match co-star michelle williams' erdem dress, mr gosling drapped the rather dubious looking scarf around his neck too.

i personally think it's a great leather jacket, and one retailing for less than £1,000 is an even better investment. i love it that ryan gosling removed the belt from the jacket (you could just about see the belt loop below the square pocket). it's a great move, i find the belt a little too fussy.

japanese footballer/model hidetoshi nakata was also previously spotted with the same jacket in brown back in september. the lambs leather 3.1 phillip lim jacket is available online here.

watch "blue valentine", i must.



  1. I agree Ryan Gosling style is pretty amazing his kickback look is flawless along with his choice in women Michelle Williams smokin!!

  2. I had never really thought of Ryan's style before but from what I'm seeing in this shot, he's definitely one to catch up on. The 3.1 Phillip Lim is beautiful, hands down but what I like about this MANfit is the silk printed scarf. A lil juxtaposition. I dig it.



what's he wearing?