Monday, 20 December 2010


was meant to do my christmas shopping today but got snowed in. what do i do? gathered my favourite bottles for a group pic. if you're like me still with 75% of presents yet to be scoured for, perhaps my favourite scents from below might help.

a few notable mentions:

gucci pour homme
judging from the empty bottle, it's clearly my personal favourite. deep, sensual and peppery. not sure if they do it anymore but seek and we shall find.

yes, zara! grabbed this at the till when i was paying, it was reduced to £4. nothing mass market about it, in fact i really like it. just the right size to fit into my travel wash bag. about 5% left now.

cire trudon "ernesto"
i've waxed lyrical (hey see what i did there) about cire trudon's candles on several occasions. "ernesto" is by far my favourite candle, and they've recently released the scent as a home spray. and before i start giving you ideas to start dousing yourself with your ambipur or haze home sprays, "ernesto" contains enough alcohol content to class it as eau de cologne. or i can say i am using my cologne as a home spray? love love love the decadent bottle, available online here!



  1. I love love love Gucci pour Homme. Right now I'm using Tom Ford for men a lot. Have you tried the version of the YSL edt called La Nuit de L'homme? It's highly recommended :)

  2. hmmm... i'm gonna check these scents after the holidays. i finally decided to buy a perfume after 21 years of not using any.

  3. Nice selection. The one from Zara looks like a butt plug, though.

  4. awais: not tried la nuit l'homme. i am beginning to dislike my l'home though...

    kc: there's always a first! scent is something personal, like another layering of clothing

    in terms of me: there's nothing zara doesn't sell!

    anon: erm more dildo than butt plug lol!

  5. You have to have Le Labo in your collection! I split wearing Tom Ford Noir De Noir and Le Labo Oud 27. It all really started with M7 and Rive Gauche for me.

  6. Thank you for this! I fail at buying perfume


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