Saturday, 18 December 2010

Spotted on eBay: Balenciaga menswear Fall Winter 2007 peacoat

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someone is selling his brand new balenciaga peacoat from fall winter 2007. can't believe he would keep it for so long and not wearing it. i love seeing pics of the coat, it looked so amazing. that said, i've not worn mine for a long time. ok soon.

i must stress, i'm not affiliated to the seller. ebay listing here, ends 24th december 2010. it's a size 50, hey same as mine. from my experience, the coat is cut small, so it really fits size 48. wow the jacket was sold within a day of me posting this. i hope i had something to do with it!

balenciaga fall winter 2007. if this pic doesn't induce you to get a hair transplant and go to the gym, then nothing will.



  1. i totally agree
    this peacoat is so amazing

  2. ex,ceptional, ebay find. ive become a complete addict for hunting down the likes of dexter wong on there recently

  3. fantastic pea coat !
    I like coats with big buttons.

  4. it's already sold :(

  5. Haha, sorry guys. I bought it last night. Thanks 00o00, I saw it on your blog!

  6. anon: wow you really bought it! send me a modelling pic will you?

    we are now coat twins, same size too!

  7. does anyone have either this coat or the green parka from the same collection that they are looking to sell?! i'm desperate for them...


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