Friday, 3 December 2010

Zanacco Spring Summer 2011

this is the first time i am featuring zanacco and i am really loving the shoes. as a firm of second generation shoemakers in italy, they are carrying on the tradition but also moving with the times. it's rare that luxury shoe makers maintain a "green" ethos, but zanacco uses only materials sourced in italy and manufacture the collection with the use of "green" processes and eco friendly materials. leathers are vegetable tanned, glues are waterbased, soles are biodegradable and organic cottons used to deliver luxurious, yet natural products.

it's interesting that they are trying to build on the concept of "sustainable luxury", a term definitely more sincere than the commonly coined "affordable luxury".

here are a few of my personal favourites from zanacco's upcoming spring summer 2011 collection:

zanacco's strength definitely lies in the above hand crafted, made in italy shoes. those are so beautiful i would really love to check and try out in person. perhaps in a bid to modernise the company, they are venturing into casual footwear too, including the below sneakers:

to be honest, i'm rather lukewarm towards the sneakers. they seem to resemble sneakers from a certain french shoemaker. but it's a good move bringing the company forward. i guess with time the sneakers would/could be more refined. i look forward to that.

stocklist is pretty niche, but with artisan shoes we really would like the collection to remain small. see more of zanacco's designs at here.

love shoes, i do.



  1. I'll admit to never hearing off these chaps until now...

    ...but my God those are some beautiful shoes.

  2. adorable
    i love the first pair of your favourites

  3. The 'last' shapes look really severe especially the plumbeo! Or maybe its the photographs.

    I'm facinated by the Plumbeo. It reminds me of a certain velvet shoe by Ferragamo.

    Correct me if if I'm wrong but I believe vegetable tanned leather is not eco-friendly/ green despite what is being put out there.

  4. and why is vegetable tanned leather not eco friendly?

  5. Hey there,

    I actually bought some eco shoes a while back and I did some research on eco leather and that was when I came across the following:

    "Vegetable-tanned leather is often touted as being less harmful to the environment. However, Bill Bartholomew, a representative for The Leather Group at World Shoes Accessories ecoEthics Conference, admitted that “eco-friendly” vegetable tanning is actually just as polluting as chrome tint"

    I thought I was scammed into paying a little extra for something that wasn't really green, However saying that, I was unable to find out what Bill said exactly so I guess the jury is still out there (I didn't bother to email the Leather group yet...)

    Further digging around and I came across an online report and this is what I remembered...(I lost the link to that report :( )

    'Residual tannin (veg based) are dangerous organic pollutants that produces undesirable changes in biological life (I'm not sure what exactly but the report says tanning was lethal to fish and changes the mineral composition in soil). Additionally tannin does not decompose easily. Generally an excess of tanning will be applied to guarantee even coverage so there will definitely be residual tanning that becomes wastage. The whole point is veg tanning is toxic just like chrome tanning (maybe it is less toxic, hence more green?)'.


what's he wearing?