Monday, 3 January 2011

2010 in review: Shoes...

new year, new beginnings. i believe in looking back at the year that has passed, perhaps seeing things in new perspective and setting new sights/targets for the new year. rather scarily, i've somehow acquired 23 pairs of shoes in 2009. at the beginning of 2010 i told myself this had to stop, and i should buy less, buy better.

how did i fare for 2010, here's a little summary:

the last pair of shoes i bought, the cheapest pair amongst all and the most frivolous: my h&m red suede slip ons.

the only pair of black shoes i bought all year: the northampton made joe casely-hayford for john lewis "mentor" oxford shoes. i can't wait to wear this to work. i have a little superstition: always a new pair of shoes for the first day back at work in the new year. the gorgeous shoes are also available online here.

the shearling lined christophe lemaire brown zipped boots. especially happy since mr lemaire himself noted in a recent interview that these are his favourites too. keeps my feet warm and toasty. the shoes are also available online here.

if i can have a personal favourite amongst all my shoes, it's the above rhinestones embellished christian louboutin trainers. yes, not for everyday wear but it will definitely cheer me up when i need a little lift. also available online here.

in a moment of madness, i bought the puma retro/cartoon sneakers. i thought it would be great for holidays, and at £20 how could i say no.

despite having lots of shoes, i still love the comfort and laid back style of converse shoes. loving the fall winter 2010 missoni x converse series. style and comfort can indeed go hand in hand.

the "greenest" pair of shoes i have: timberland "earthkeepers" boat shoes. made entirely from ecological, friendly and sustainable materials. great summer shoes.

the most lightweight and comfortable pair of shoes i bought in 2010: the dark brown lamb skin lace ups from hermes. amazingly sleek. seeing the orange soles, my colleague actually came up to me and asked "are you wearing hermes shoes?"


the second pair of hermes shoes i bought this year, was the above kangeroo skin nude colored lace ups. still in the box in a pristine condition, i look forward to wearing them on a suitable occasion.

one of my personal favourites: mr hare "capote". the embellished christian louboutin sneakers was my favourite this year, "capote" is a close second. oh love.

the blue suede pierre hardy desert boots. i have a thing for suede shoes, can you tell?

my first ever pair of christian louboutin shoes: the cream canvas "rantus" trainers. unfortunately i seem to have bought a size too small, feet will hurt if i stay out too long.

zara side zipped suede boots. i wore these on several 'dressed down fridays' at work. really like them.

missoni x converse from the first collaboration series. i actually got recognised by a reader (hey robin!) who saw the shoes on the blog, how amazing is that!

my first purchase in 2010: the brown suede lace ups from louis vuitton.

15 pairs of shoes i acquired in 2010, a marked improvement as compared to 2009. 2011's motto: buy less buy better. happy shoesday!



  1. The Christian Louboutins are to die for...I just checked...US2000++....EEK!!!!!!

  2. I still remember vividly this time last year reading your amazing post about your 23 pairs of shoes!!! Can't believe it's that time of the year again!

    Even though you bought less shoes I personally like these new comers better than last year's lot...just my opinion :)

    Will look forward to seeing whatever you have acquired next year!! Now if only I can travel to the future and spoil myself..

  3. hmmm.. with this post, it means i've been following you for over a year already. the 23 pairs was crazy. 15 pairs is a good job at toning down but still a lot. oh well, more shoes means more for you to enjoy wearing and more for us to enjoy reading about. :)

  4. Nice selection!!! Love your last pair of Louboutin´s!!!

  5. I remember your 2009 year in shoe review post & LOVED it! Good to see you did it again this year. You have impeccable taste.

    Just wondering, how do you store all your shoes?

  6. Wow!U have a great collection of shoes and I do enjoy ur blog!!!

  7. Hard to pick favorites, but I'm liking those blue suede Pierre's!

  8. oh yes should have asked you guys to pick your favourites.

    thanks for the lovely comments, here's to more shoes in 2011!

  9. Just like the Vivienne Westwood motto... 'Buy less choose well'! Still, you have acquired more shoes over the past year than I have in total! Do you keep all the old ones? If not, where's your charity shop?!!

  10. Wow great collection!

    Could you please make us a tour of your whole shoe closet?? :) Happy new year!


  11. Love your shoe style. Where do you keep all of these? Can we get a pic of your magnificent shoe storage area?

  12. You have amazing taste in shoes! I love the H&M Slip Ons, Missoni converse and of course the Loubs!

  13. sandeep/jr/poptuckshop: would love to show my shoe storage area, but together with most of the other city dwellers, space is a constraint. most of my shoes are boxed and stacked up!

  14. 23 pairs?! My favorite is the Mr. hare suede cap toe. The color and the shape is inimitable. Wonder if it's still available?

  15. i'm in shoe heaven. i want the zaras!

  16. If I was a guy, I would wear all of these shoes, too!


  17. I'm in love with the embellished Christian Louboutin which I drawed on my last illustration but I really like your Vuitton lace ups! I don't know how the weather is in England but I'm still dying to buy the Burberry Prorsum Explorer shearling-lined leather boots to go through the Belgian Winter! :)

  18. yes definitely show us your shoes wardrobe

  19. Hi! I was wondering if you knew the style name of the Puma cartoon sneakers, my boyfriend has an old worn out pair and we are always looking for a new set for him. Thanks! xx emileeanne


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