Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Alfred Dunhill Spring Summer 2011 Campaign

violinist charlie siem for alfred dunhill spring summer 2011 /

the new spring summer campaigns are starting to roll in. although we are still quite early in the season, i think i already have my favourite. i have a weakness for black and white portraits, and these from dunhill spring summer 2011 were so beautifully lensed. entitled ❛ voice ❜, the campaign is an honest and elegant portfolio of british men, each dressed in a dunhill outfit of their own choosing.

first up is 25 years old violin virtuoso charlie siem. with those chiseled good looks, tousled hair and immense talent, why has he only appeared in our radars now? i think it's really nice for dunhill to recognise and celebrate talents by casting a real individual. certainly adds another dimension to it. is this a trend we are seeing, first it was actors/celebrities and now real life heroes headlining campaigns?

violinist charlie siem for alfred dunhill spring summer 2011 /

artist and author harland miller for alfred dunhill spring summer 2011 /

regular readers would probably know that i am fed up with skinny prepubescent boys masquerading in men's clothes. i like men to be men, and love campaigns which are relevant and believable. also featured in dunhill's spring summer 2011 campaign is 47 years old artist and author harland miller. true to the campaign's theme, the casting for ❛ voice ❜ paid no regard to age, look, status or trend - only achievement. yes, mr miller may not be the typical posterboy we are familiar with, but he is believable. he makes me want to explore more of his work, more of dunhill's collection.

artist and author harland miller for alfred dunhill spring summer 2011 /

and i really love harland miller's shot as it featured two of my favourite accessories: the 'bladon 24hr bag' which looked so sumptuous, and the utterly delectable alligator strapped watch.

lest you think it's another fashion watch: the timepieces were designed by the house of dunhill and powered by swiss watchmakers jaeger le-coultre. simple and understated, i really really like the pink gold version on the right. simply gorgeous.

and not sure if it's because i've not noticed it before, the campaign is branded as alfred dunhill, rather than dunhill. definitely more regal, and loving the new direction. a little poignant that this is the last collection by kim jones for dunhill, but we all leave on a high, when the party is at it's peak don't we.

and here are the ❛ voices ❜ of charlie siem and harland miller:



  1. I find your wording offensive. Most of the guys in the ads you are talking about were not prepubescent boys. They were young guys. Men come in all shapes and sizes. I don't know what your idea of a man is, but just b/c they are skinny and not muscular does not make them less of a man. Plus the boys you talk about are a minority so if they do get some ad exposure its good for acceptance. Not everyone is hunky and manly and hairy and broad shouldered. Some of us are naturally built that way.

  2. michael: maybe my wording wasn't exactly clear cut, i do get why you are worked up. i recognise that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. i myself ain't mascular at all and of course that doesn't make me less of a man.

    the point i am driving, is that some fashion houses are casting 18-20year old boys for campaigns whose target audience are clearly much older. case in point: lanvin & versace, whose customers are in the 30-45 age range, also the age range with more/better disposable income. for the past few seasons, young trendy fashionable boys were cast in the campaigns, i see a strong disconnect there. do people in the 30-45 age group really want to spend money on clothes modelled by 18year olds?

    i am 30 and i want to look like a good looking 30 year old, not a 30 year old wanting to look 18. i have no qualms about topman casting 18year olds since that's their core audience.

    lanvin then casted the photographer last season which was so refreshing (which i blogged about), and i heard versace is casting an older gent for their SS2011 campaign.

    hope you got my drift...

  3. I get your drift. It would have been better if you said that. It would also be nice if they cast non mascular older guys too.

    I think the reason they cast younger models is that fashion houses also need to start attracting younger consumers now, even if they don't buy the whole collection but a few things here and there.

    Young will always be inspirational and coveted. Good fashion is good fashion. It crosses generations, esp men's fashion (which is not that creative). In men's fashion the dominant daily wear is and has always been a suit, shirt, pants, and jacket (leather, wool, nylon, etc etc).

    If exclusively cast old people then the brand risks becoming a business/wall street wear brand and we all know there are many of those (on a smaller and more exclusive scale). Old people have a way of making brands appear elitist and stuffy (conformative almost). Global brands are different and not just targeted to 30-40 year olds. There are a lot of rich young guys who come from wealthy families and wealthy upbringings and celebrities as well.

    If I knew lanvin and versace were older brands then I really wouldn't want to associate myself with it.

    Campaigns are about hope and inspiring people.

    If you check your blog, I think you will notice most of your demographic is young, fashion conscious men. If we saw old men in ads do you think any of us would care to spend our money on the brands you mentioned and wait until we reached a certain age to buy them.

    Money talks regardless of age.

  4. Dunhill as been for a long time represented by Jude Law (2005-2010). Kim Jones finish is contract of 2 year as creative director, end of Jude Law contract...
    1 year with regular male model, they restructure the brand.

    This season, they choose like G-star did with Magnus Carlsen (chess world champion). Somebody with talent, and a face...

    I think those ad campaign can touch a big audience !

    What do you think on British fashion should (like Burberry...) who got someone british on they're campaign ?


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