Sunday, 23 January 2011

Balenciaga menswear Fall Winter 2011

balenciaga fall winter 2011 / ph: balenciaga

first impression: it wasn't as tear inducing as spring summer 2011, however it didn't exactly set the world on fire. and i say that as a fan who buys their pieces seasons in and out, and i say that with a tinge of sadness. balenciaga womenswear is up there, right at the forefront, something is lacking in the menswear division. and i hate to tear apart what someone did as i appreciate the amount of stress and work involved to put together a collection. just that as a long time fan, waiting every six months only to be slightly let down, is a little disheartening.

second look: i am looking past the styling and questionable choice of models. i am keen on the red suede jacket on top right, light brown hooded jacket (2nd row left), and the coats on 3rd row centre and right.

final thoughts: give me some time and i think i will warm to the pieces. this fan will be heading in stores come july 2011.



  1. Hmm I feel like this is a fairly well executed collection in so far as it's coherent and definitely keeps in the Balenciaga men's vein but I'd never wear any of it myself.


  2. regarding the clothes, i like the grey jacket (second row, right)(is that suede?), and the brown coat (third row, right) as well. regarding the models, i second the motion.

  3. wow
    i looove the last outfit

  4. really really disappoint.

  5. I can't help but drifting away from Balenciaga...why can't they just borrow some thing directly from womenswear?! it'll still be so much better than this!

  6. agree with your comment... so does Balmain. Nice clothes though.

  7. The jackets on the last two pictures of the first row are wonderful. I want them! Badly. I really like the mustard cardigan / sweater.

    It is very tricky to design a menswear collection on the back of some of today's most successful womenswear collections. I would love to be able to buy the Balenciaga colours, shapes, materials, texture for women in a collection for men, but how wearable would this be? How much would they sell. Same with Balmain: I would love a Balmain sequin jacket for men, but would I ever wear it? Would they sell more than three, worldwide?

  8. it looks stronger than last season (which i did like) but i would prefer to buy a tailored jacket like the ones daft punk wore from somewhere like Balenciaga.

  9. davidikus i agree. Shane i disagree.

    The collection nicolas puts on the runway is very difficult to find. i have only found the women's pieces in the new york and la shop...not so much in the corners. Of course there is a fantasy element to put them on but as a man i am more interested into buying into the world nicolas ghesquiere has created, (innovation,experimentation of luxury,slim cut etc) and buying some menswear items that stand for these values. I think the shoes look amazing!! maybe a men's show would be the best option for us to judge. Send me an invite!!!

  10. individually, i don't like the clothes that much. but seeing them all together makes me appreciate the collection better


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