Wednesday, 12 January 2011

From the desk of Mr Porter

is mr porter a spin off character from tom ford's directorial debut "a single man"? their latest mail shot is so so beautiful it reminded me of one of my favourite movies. if this is the art direction they are heading, i am full of hopes for net-a-porter's dedicated menwear store. and i so need that valextra travel wallet already!

gotta extend out credit limits now, as mr porter will be operational soon!



  1. well, everyone's looking forward to this. if this is there direction, finally someone online can dress up the gentleman.

  2. oh you must have got a different mail shot to me, that pic is lovely!

  3. I loved that mail they sent me; thrilled that they will carry Valextra among many lovely others!

  4. I have just ordered a fantastic Valextra wallet in Harrods. I hope it sells well on Mr Porter! I think there is so much scope to embellish our lives with things which bring a smile to our faces without crossing over to flamboyance and garishness. Valextra strikes the balance perfectly.

  5. Lovely picture!



what's he wearing?