Thursday, 27 January 2011

Gienchi Studded Canvas Sneakers

when i featured the markus lupfer knitwear last week, a few of us identified that the studded sneakers were from gienchi. a reader also commented that one needs to add gienchi on facebook and send a private request for the studded shoes to be made. i thought that was such a long winded way to get a pair of sneakers.

glad to say, online superstore luisa via roma now stocks gienchi sneakers!

gienchi studded sneakers as seen on markus lupfer spring summer 2011 / ph: markus lupfer

now i just need that studded balenciaga bag to go with the shoes!



  1. They look really interesting from far off. Unfortunately, they don't look so good close-up IMO...a bit DIY looking.

  2. I had bought the size 43 which is my usual size. they fit ok but after an hour my feet hurt like hell. They run maybe half a size too small. I changed the shoe lace to new black ones. The ones they came in were dirtied on purpose. Black ones made it look better.

  3. love your style!!!
    great blog!!!
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  4. anon: that's a great tip, thanks for sharing about sizing issue!

  5. Studs have been a large trend for several seasons now and it is no surprise that it is still growing strong, even in footwear. Due to the trend the demand for these sneakers will go up and with its popularity already asking to be on Facebook, will only increase the production. Should studs go out of trend though; these sneakers will experience a drop in demand and also an increase in price. If Gienchi were to have a competitor who would make a more popular version of this shoe, Gienchi would have to decrease prices and lower supply.

  6. this looks cooler than what is mr.louboutan is doing :)



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