Monday, 24 January 2011

Hidetoshi Nakata [中田英寿] at Givenchy Fall Winter 2011 in Givenchy

hidetoshi nakata / ph: eric ryan, getty images | givenchy fall 2010 / ph:

on the penultimate day of paris menswear fashion week, my favourite front row guest attended the givenchy fall winter 2011 show in a givenchy suit/coat from fall winter 2010. just when i thought he would be wearing his usual denims and light brown boots, he threw me off with those rather heavy trousers and boots. looking like a ninja on the front row, he again arrived well before other guests.

oh i'm going to miss seeing pics of nakata after fashion week.

givenchy fall winter 2011 / ph:

givenchy was one of my favourites for fall winter 2011. there were dogs and plaids and well cuit suits and timberlake lookalikes, what's not to love.



  1. A lot to love but would you wear any of it? (I loved the big turnups!)

  2. Givenchy is def. my favorite! Stunning pieces!!! I would wear some of it!!!

  3. I didn't even get to see this coat before they were sold out everywhere .... bummer!

  4. "what's there not to love?"

    ^ The mention of anything having to do with Timberlake.


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