Tuesday, 4 January 2011

John Lobb Spring Summer 2011

for the first blog post of 2011 (excluding the rather self indulgent look back at 2010), we have a little showroom preview from john lobb 2011. in line with my new motto for 2011, "buy less, buy better", the shoes are entirely hard crafted from northampton, widely known as the savile row of the shoes world. to me, john lobb shoes are the equivalent of what patek philippe represents in the watches industry. i know i've made a career when one day i am comfortably wearing john lobb shoes with a patek philippe watch strapped on my wrist.

and so i couldn't resist a little try, a taste of what success feels like. success feels like a bitter sweet symphony. we don't need to go into the specifics of shoes construction and a layman can tell just how beautifully crafted these are.

the bitter part of course comes from the pricing. thing is, i've amassed 15 pairs of shoes in 2010. several gifted, and total cash out of the bank for the rest amounted to about £2,300. so for 2011, it is totally possible to "buy less, buy better". but the shoes shouldn't be bought as a mere object of affection, or just because one can. it's a symbol of success, and i shall bid for the right moment. the moment when i feel "yes my career is heading somewhere". and then i will be wearing my shoes with pride, and not just because i can. the reputation of a john lobb shoe wearer is just too difficult to live up to.

a little thought for the rest of the year. and with that, i changed back into my converse sneakers and placed a little sticker on the back which reads, "my next shoes will be a pair of john lobb".



  1. great photos:) nice blog!
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  2. this is gorgeous, but not as the mr.hare suede you have. Just of out of curiosity though, how expensive these could be?

  3. Life is to short. Tomorrow is promised to none. So buy John Lobbs shoes if you want and forget about the whole living up to ideal. Its just fashion and clothes and it should be fun, and not over thought or bought to prove one's social status. Its all in your head. Just b/c one sees someone with a john lobb shoes doesn't mean their life is successful or beautiful for that matter. Fashion should never be taken too seriously. If one can afford nice shoes then so be it.

  4. Buy less, by better....love this ethos.

  5. I have a pair of Lobb shoes and a pair of Lobb boots. I got them almost 10 years ago and they still look new. Lobb give a free polish and renew free for life.

  6. thanks kwai chi, interesting to note! great after sales!

  7. thanks kwai chi, interesting to note! great after sales!


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