Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Out and about...

out and about last saturday in my balmain homme teddy jacket, gucci checked shirt, topman trousers, zara suede boots and smelling of helmut lang cuiron.

looking back, i should have done up the fifth button. oh well.

and i bought gloves. purple wool plaid gloves with leather underside from zara. yes i broke my 2011 rule of buying less and buying better, but i lost my gloves and it was freezing cold. and it looked so pretty, and more importantly reduced in the sale to £7.99.




  1. Those plaid gloves are 'so' on-trend it's scary!!

  2. I really like your blog!

    Pass from me when you want ...

    Ps.: I follow you, I hope to spare!


  3. You look great! Im so glad youre doing outfit pictures again :)

  4. W00hoh00! So you finally got the Balmain jacket. Looks lovely. I think I like the one in the current collection a bit less, even though it is very similar. Paris was full of Varsity/Bomber jackets like that (with a slim body, as opposed to a baggy/puffed body like on the American versions).


  5. thanks guys :)
    davidikus: i bought the jacket back in nov last year... love the current seasons one too...

  6. Hey, I featured this jacket on my blog after seeing that you had it, and compared it to a Fendi jacket I managed to find on Yoox which was very similar. I have to say, I was not taken by it at all when I saw it, but having seen you actually wearing it now, along with the same style on several other people on the street, I can say that I've changed my mind! Looks great with the rest of the outfit which is simpler too...

  7. poptuckshop: i have to check out the post on your blog!

  8. so chick the jacket...

    we love your blog!

  9. NICE! The black version is definitely better than the red one:)

  10. could you share the link to the trousers?

  11. wow that jacket is unbelievable well done man
    what size is it? fit is perrfecctt

  12. anon: i can't find the link to the online store, will post when i see it..

    anon: thanks! it's size 48 :)


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