Monday, 31 January 2011

Penn Badgley on set of 'Gossip Girl' in Woolrich

penn badgley / ph: via justjared

my favourite 'gossip girl' cast member was spotted in snowy manhattan last thursday, filming scenes for the hit tv series. i'm not normally a fan of parkas, but mr badgley can sell me anything anyday. i thought he looked really good in that coat, and i really did searched high and low to try and identify that parka.

and sometimes things work in a cosmic way. we had lunch at bluebird restaurant in chelsea on sunday, and i walked into 'the shop at bluebird' afterwards. low and behold, that parka was displayed right towards the front of the store (were they stalking badgley like i do? if so i have competition...). parka and stalking aside, it was my first time to 'the shop at bluebird', it's an amazing treasure trove. i can't wait to visit again.

woolrich artic parka / ph: oi polloi

interesting fact: the classic jacket was originally made for alaskan pipeline workers (to protect them from the 40 below temperatures) and is the benchmark by which all other parkas are judged. penn's parka is an exact replica of the 1972 original.

oh although i am style stalking mr badgley from across the atlantic pond, i promise i am not as creepy as that guy behind him. and mister, you're on the wrong side, unless you're taking his...



  1. Is it the "arctic parka"? In Italy it's very very popular and a lot of people has it...

  2. yes it's the arctic parka... surprisingly expensive i find...

  3. I have it in navy and yes, it's a bit expensive (here it's 589 €) but keeps really warm!

  4. Wow. I love him. He is cool in Woolrich arctic parka

  5. Love the fashion and cool guy and the woolrich parka he wears. Big love to them!!


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