Thursday, 20 January 2011

Sale shopping at Marc Jacobs

did a little shopping last weekend. dropped by marc jacobs at mount street, and saw the fall winter collection reduced by... 70%! and i saw the sweater which was on the "wishlist" panel of the blog, in my size! and so i caved in...

love the brush strokes. the mohair knitwear is so soft, i love it! worked well with my COS blue check shirt, navy trousers and green feathered trilby from topman, little denim tote and favourite converse sneakers.

there's also the version in lilac, but it's one size up and i do prefer the color and fit of the blue knit.

marc jacobs fall winter 2010 /

happy shopping!



  1. Do you actually have any other trousers?

    Just kidding - keep up the blog, really enjoy the snaps of you shopping... more of those please

  2. no, those are the only pair i've got. unless someone sends/buys me more, you're going to have to see more of those!

  3. i've just buy one! jajajaja

    love your blog...

  4. Nice, I like the navy too.

    Is that your hat in the chair? Pretty cool.

  5. The jumper is very special! Not as nice as a Missoni jumper but very nice nonetheless.

  6. I got the one in grey but I'm not that happy with the feel of the mohair so I returned it... but the look is just effortless cool:)

  7. love the styling with the black coat. and i equally love yours too. i like how you buy things that will surely go with anything you already have.


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