Thursday, 20 January 2011

Shim Chang Min [심창민] in Seoul in Markus Lupfer

shim chang min / ph:

korean actor shim chang min yesterday attended the press conference of his new drama serial "heaven's gate". not terribly excited about his attire, not even the two oversized safety pins, but i do like his knitwear featuring a sequined skull from the london based german born designer markus lupfer.

shim chang min / ph:

shim's co-star was pretty adventurous in her dressing, i wished he would match the sequined knitwear with denims and a killer pair of studded converse shoes, like how it appeared on the lookbook of markus lupfer:

markus lupfer spring summer 2011 / ph:

the merino wool and sequined skull knitwear from markus lupfer is also available online at now, where can i find those shoes!



  1. If I'm not mistaken, the shoes are by Gienchi Gap,

  2. isn't he gorgeous.
    his face reminds me of a friend of mine from china.

  3. the shoes are by gienchi gap, you have to add him on facebook and ask him to make them for you, they are about 160 euros.

  4. What I cute sweater, I want to get one too..


what's he wearing?