Monday, 10 January 2011

Spotted on eBay: Balenciaga menswear Fall Winter 2010 nylon down jacket

this is slightly freaky as i found on ebay the exact same balenciaga down jacket which i bought back in december. same size, same color! i must emphasise that's not my jacket on ebay (i love it too much right now to part with it), but i thought the seller did a really good job with the pics and description.

some people tend to avoid puffa/down jackets as it can be quite unforgiving to the silhouette by adding bulk. this jacket however is cut really slim, but still true to size. so the jacket stays close to the body, keeping me warm yet not looking like a michelin man. several color combinations were produced for the jacket, but the above khaki/black combination is my favourite.

the seller did a great job by showcasing the quirky details of the jacket. the jacket actually comes with double/layered cuffs. there's the elasticated bit on the inside, keeping the cool breeze out, and then another layer over it. this creates the streamlined sleeves without the elasticated cuffs on show, which although is a small detail but makes the jacket more stylish yet practical.

the auction will close in a few hours time so if you're keen you got to be quick. however the "buy it now" price is still pretty pricey. the jacket from fall winter 2010 is currently on sale (if you can find one in stores), so i believed the seller might have bought it during the sales and marked it up on ebay to try and make a quick buck.

auction listing here. ☜

and my little collage. more balenciaga please!


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