Monday, 10 January 2011

The team behind Studiohomme

if you have been reading this blog regularly, you would have noticed my advertiser studiohomme's banner on the right. "interview magazine" recently did a feature on studiohomme, and posted the above pic of the stylish french boys behind the online superstore. did you know that founders arnaud and sébastien both honed their skills at colette, dior homme and hermès prior to establishing studiohomme? i sure didn't! a great little read, click here for the article.

and i am so excited to see arnaud pictured above with his vintage rolex watch. when i visited studiohomme in paris last november, arnaud was wearing the same watch and i couldn't help wanting a closer look. and what a perfect time to post this pic now:

arnaud's vintage rolex air king is dated 1981, and if i remembered correctly it was a gift from his fiance. how sweet! love the champagne colored dial of his watch, of course i am biased as it is similar to my vintage rolex date just.

ahhh beautiful watches.

studiohomme will also be starting their winter sales on wednesday 12th january 2011. admittedly it's rather late as compared to other stores, but i think it's because of french laws stipulating time of sales. *i think*. which if it is true will leave me feeling puzzled, as such regulations only stifle competition and growth. but this is not the place and time for free market discussion, but the time to snoop around studiohomme to pick out items in time for their sale on wednesday. click here for your sales 'research', but hands off the pierre hardy shoes and barnabe hardy jackets, i will bite!



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