Friday, 4 February 2011

Anya Hindmarch x Dylan Jones

anya hindmarch x dylan jones / ph: anya hindmarch via wwd

dylan jones, editor in chief of british GQ, collaborated with anya hindmarch to create the latter's first ever men's bag. not sure if this is a special one-off, or if anya hindmarch is entering the menswear market. but i do like the bag, love love love the rich vintage coloring, the little compartments stamped in anya hindmarch's style, the key clochette. but if i'm honest: not really feeling the monogrammed interior.

and the name of the bag? the dylan jones. very stylish, and i feel is a bold step forward for anya hindmarch. any thoughts about the bag?



  1. Love love love the exterior and the compartments...

    but regret that I am with you on the lining...a bit 60s washbag?! Sorry folks it just doesn't do it for me. And sorry Dylan, but calling it the Dylan Jones? Surely just The Jones or Mr Jones would have been cooler?

    And I am probably being uncool just by saying that...but again LOVE the exterior.

  2. the other one: agree with you on the name too, but if i have the chance to design and build my own bag/shoe, i'll name it loud and proud too. great looking bag.

  3. Dylan Jones won't be getting any money from me...
    GQ is a cold, soulless, Tory love-in designed for similarly-minded city berks. Not forgetting that Jones (along with fellow contributer Piers Morgan) are Daily Mail hacks...

  4. the texture of the bag is exquisite


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