Thursday, 17 February 2011

Artcurial Une Histoire d'Homme auction

omega "apollo 11" memorial box / ph:

at the upcoming "une histoire d'homme" auction by parisian auction house artcurial, lot 202 is a commemorative box set of 20 colored prints during the period of apollo 11's mission, 16 to 24 july 1969. published by omega, one of my favourite print was the above shot of edwin aldrin jr on the lunar surface by neil armstrong. there were a lot of conspiracy theories surrounding the moon landing, kept me intrigued but let's for a moment accept the grand importance of the occasion. i love the lighting and colors of the print, and a picture from the moon, cannot get anymore epic than that.

the box set has an auction estimate between €1,000 to €1,500. i really love.

goyard sac de voyage / ph:

another reason why i love artcurial's vintage collectibles auctions, is because i get to ogle at beautiful pieces from the past which most have forgotten, or just difficult to get hold of. love the above travelling bag from goyard, which appeared to be from the same era as victoria beckham's vintage goyard, which caused a mini frenzy as everyone (including me!) wanted a piece of. well, this is the next best thing. especially since auction estimate is between €300 to €400.


you can see all the auctions from "une histoire d'homme" here.


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  1. i think i'll go with the box set. it seems to be more preciouse with all those photos.


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