Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Balthazar Getty in VMAN #21 in Burberry Prorsum

balthazar getty / ph: doug english for vman magazine

i have a thing for mr getty: the whole bad boy image, liaisons with a certain ms miller, and the name balthazar. such an epic moniker. he was recently featured in the latest issue of vman magazine, wearing my much favored leather jacket from burberry prorsum spring summer 2011.

let's have a close up:

smoldering. japanese footballer/model hidetoshi nakata was recently spotted with the same jacket too. the jacket, which is on my wishlist on the right of the blog, is available online from matchesfashion.com.

*ahem ahem i am a size 48EU if you're asking...*

burberry prorsum spring summer 2011 / burberry.com



  1. ...still waiting to get the current issue -.-

    if I counted right, this is the third post which deals with that (lovelly) jacket :D

    I think you have to have it ;)

  2. am waiting for someone to get it for me, like i've even specified my size out there!

  3. interesting :D

    in this case i should place my size 50 too ;)
    You never know :D

  4. I tried this jacket on at Liberty last week, to be honest I reckon is too busy (I own a Dior Napoleon from Luster). However the details are amazing and is pretty cheap compared to what Balmian commands.


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