Monday, 28 February 2011

Casely-Hayford Fall Winter 2011

i dropped by the showroom last week to have a look at casely-hayford's upcoming fall winter 2011 collection. i love the pieces that they did with high street retailer john lewis, so am keen to find out more about their own upcoming collection. the first thing that caught my eye was the outerwear. really love the luxurious long coats in moleskin cotton paired with the sheep's fleece collar.

of the two coats, i prefer the light colored version. the white sheep's fleece collar and chocolatey brown leather lining just pops.

thought of trying it for myself but with uber cool showroom assistant takeru around, he kindly volunteered to be my model. slightly oversized, but doesn't he look great in that coat? it's my favourite piece from the collection, kind of regretted not trying it for myself now. i was told that this beautiful coat, along with the rest of the collection, were made in japan.


another of my favourite is the above waxed cotton bomber jacket. love the chocolate brown leather detailings on the sleeves and pocket linings. very laidback yet nonchalantly stylish. and here is the jacket on takeru:

really lovely detailings, i love.

there were also long coats which looked really well tailored, accessorised with very dapper looking silk squares. and casely-hayford always do fantastic footwear. these would definitely cheer you up wouldn't it!

love the collection, am glad i made it to the showroom to have an up close and personal look. i thought the collection was really good, and perhaps a little more commercial than what i've seen in the past. but then again it could be down to their usual quirky styling for the previous lookbook shots. and speaking about lookbook shots: whilst doing my research on, i came across a familiar looking jacket. i was searching high and low for the leather and wool jacket which tinie tempah wore to the 2011 brit awards two weeks ago, turns out it's from casely-hayford!

tinie tempah at brit awards 2011, 15 feb 2011 / ph: dave hogan, getty images

tinie tempah at brit awards 2011, 15 feb 2011 / ph: dave hogan, getty images

casely-hayford fall winter 2010 / ph:

love the leather jacket. i wanted to feature it 2 weeks back but couldn't identify it. now knowing it's from casely-hayford, tinie just got major (or should it be mayjah) points. ok a tinie distraction, but a really nice fall winter 2011 collection. l00o00ve!



  1. OMG I was just on your Twitter and you said you are doing some spring cleaning- where does it go?? Are you selling anything? Anything I might like...?!

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  3. Las cazadoras son geniales. La del cantante ya no me convence tanto, estan muy vistas.

  4. Where can i get the waxed cotton bomber jacket and the biker jacket tinie tempah is wearing!!!!!!!!!!!!


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