Thursday, 24 February 2011

E. Tautz Fall Winter 2011

one of the highlights of yesterday's london menswear shows, was e. tautz's fall winter 2011 collection, presented in the gorgeously ornate 'crush' room at the royal opera house. in a very intimate setting, designer patrick grant begins by telling us the story behind this collection, "i left my beret on the fishnish ferry". you just know it's going to be a good story. mr grant, one of the truly best dressed men in london, narrated his mini adventure in the isle of mull last autumn. how the sun shone unusually and gloriously bright, thus providing the palette for this collection.

and what a burst of colors it was, my favourite piece from the entire collection was the above old gold doleskin double breasted peacoat with the most romantic of collars, paired with really beautiful burgundy cord trousers.

really liking this collection. it's my first time at e. tautz and i love the whole laidback yet elegant feel about it. mr grant's 'prep talk' before the show made it all the more personal, which worked really well with the intimate settings. and he sat with the audience throughout the show, which showed great confidence in his work, and he was able to observe the reaction from the room. there wasn't any loud music blasted or models strutting furiously down the walkway. instead it was a pianist from royal academy of music providing the 'soundtrack', and models walked slowly and elegantly.

all of these added so much to the feel of this collection. i can't wait to try that yellow coat on.

click here to see the entire collection from e. tautz fall winter 2011.



  1. Looks like you had a good view! Wish i had gone to more shows but I have school! :(

  2. Bonjour!

    Any idea how this Balenciaga F/W '08 egg shape jacket should be worn?'(Link:

    I have this one but I can't seem to work out the egg shape effect like this one (

    - Nate.

  3. nate: you can't work out the egg shaped effect, because it's 2 different jackets. there isn't enough room and volume in yours to achieve the egg effect...

  4. I see. Thank you. It's just that I thought the bomber jacket could really work out with the egg effect. Somebody from Tumblr named my jacket the egg too. Both came from the same collection (F/W '08).

    Anything your eying in their S/S 2011?

    - Nate


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