Monday, 7 February 2011

Frivolous Monday

it was sunday and i was a little bored. i thought the "tee hee" at the end of the previous blog post or the bumper issue would give it away. no, my pics did not make it to the cover of esquire russia. but hey bastiaan ninaber for pringle of scotland make a good convincing cover, no?

i did that post as a little parody, as the cover of the latest issue of elle collections used an image from blogger supremo tommy ton, creator of jak & jil blog. i thought, why not make things happen for myself?

anyway, if i have my way, my favourite backstage shot at neil barrett would make the cover:

or our favourite mr. hare would make the cover as man of the year:

just a little fun. hey this is a blog, we are meant to. just in case it wasn't clear enough: those are my pics on the mock-up covers, but you can create your own here. and a few readers left comments thinking it was me holding the magazine above, sadly it wasn't.

but seriously, anyone like to hire me for london fashion week?



  1. I think that Neil Barrett pic make a great cover anyday!:-P

  2. thats ace...load of fun

  3. This is so funny, fun and clever! I didn't read the last post until now but if I had I think I would have believed it -doh!

  4. Also, that Fornasetti tray on the right >>> looks a lot like one of those Comme pochettes don't you think? I would totally buy a Fornasettpring pochette!

  5. rollergirl: i love fornasetti, would kit my whole house with it! there's vogue covers too, you can create your own!

  6. Ha...:-) Cute post ☆

    - Brad/

  7. I thought that pictured looked a little photo-shopped, but I didn't want to be rude and say anything if you actually did get the cover. :)


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