Friday, 11 February 2011

Goyard Voltaire

goyard voltaire / ph:

we can call off the search now, this is the perfect bag! goyard will be releasing the "voltaire" this coming summer. i love love love goyard, and have been waiting for the right moment, the right bag. the bag above comes in their signature hand painted coated fabric (cotton linen and hemp). it also comes in a jacquard material, which appeared to take inspiration from their fabric from the 70s.

oh i love. a trip to their mount street store in london is imminent.



  1. it won't be perfect for me if it doesn't have an interior pocket and metal feet.

    but I have to agree this looks nice.

  2. fantastic!!! any news about the asking price yet?

  3. word from the grapevine is about €1,850, or £1,500+
    *heart sinks*

  4. Una borsa STUPENDA!

    You've got great taste... ☆

    - Brad/

  5. I don't really understand what's so beautiful about this print to be honest. I feel like is an acquired taste and we all know the only reason its popular is because its a less known brand (only known ultra insider fashionistas), and god forbid it becomes as big as LV, it will loose its uniqueness and won't be that special. Its success will surely be the demise of this brand. This brand is today what LV use to be when it wasn't plastered everywhere but carried by a select stylish upper class few.

  6. i appreciate the tromp l'oeil effect

  7. I love this bag. I just bought the gray jacquard material in Paris. I waited 4 months and they made one and sent it to the US! It is a true beauty "the City Bag" (Voltaire) is what they call it in France.


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