Friday, 18 February 2011

H&M Fashion Against AIDS

t-shirts, £19.99 (left) and £12.99 (right)

to raise funds and awareness for HIV / AIDS, h&m will be releasing the "fashion against AIDS" collection on april 28th. h&m will be donating 25% of sales to youth HIV / AIDS projects around the world. the interesting twist about this collection, is that all the looks were unisex. now into the 4th year of the "fashion against AIDS" series, this is my favourite collection as most pieces seem to be on trend and affordable. it is very nice to see big corporations committing to such excellent causes annually.

parka, £29.99

scarf, £6.99, all-in-one, £29.99

doesn't the all-in-one look cute! loving the didot fonts. sure i can find an occasion to wear that. but for now, i am so getting that scarf as i love most things typography.

bags, £9.99 each

not entirely sure if it is pvc or rubber, but at £9.99 this looks to be a great alternative to the prada and jil sander totes for the season.

small pouch, £6.99

and then there's this small pouch which looked great in pictures and amazingly priced at £6.99. i have to check it out myself. fun collection, i will definitely check it out when it's released on 28th april.

all pictures from h&m.



  1. the leather pouch looks Hermès-y in the pic :-)

  2. yea very hermes looking huh. but need a closer look when in stores...

  3. Love the small pouch, would be perfect for a camera I'm guessing at that price it isn't real leather.

  4. ermhmm: judging from this collection's theme, i am guessing it's a bag for condoms, so probably not very bag. i'll check out in stores to see if it's leather and update again...

  5. like the parker pretty much but the jumpsuit looks like a bad joke acutally!

  6. Judging the size from the picture the designer must think alot himself need to hold so many condoms in one go. As for using things for what they are meant for

  7. i love those parkas! how good, that they are asymmetric.
    sooo, they are knocking off the jil sander plastic bags... to be honest, i quite like them, even this way.



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