Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Kurt Hummel on Glee in...

uk is way behind on the glee calendar. we've only just started season 2 this year, but monday nights will never be the same again. yesterday saw the screening of episode 4: "sing!", or simply the duets episode. kurt wore a few interesting outfits, including the above sweater with the hand painted palms. is that from alexander mcqueen spring summer 2010? if so, man they wear nice things in mckinley high.

love that buttoned up white shirt, makes all the difference. effort.

alexander mcqueen spring summer 2o10 / ph: alexander mcqueen

and erm, doesn't the model above resemble kurt's dad in glee??

in the opening scenes, kurt wore a green/orange tartan shirt with studded shoulder detailings. i really couldn't remember if i saw that in h&m, does look a little gi-ven-chic doesn't it?

givenchy spring summer 2010 / styled by jean luc francaise, ftape.com

am going to the glee concert in june, can't wait! do-do-do-do-do-do-do...



  1. yeah im sure i seen that shirt in h&M

  2. Omg you should have seen season 1. I have lost count how many designers he has worn. Marc by Marc Jacobs, Ann Demeulmeester and Marc Jacobs Collection just to name a few. There was a huge McQueen scarf in Navy/White thrown in somewhere in Season 1 as well.

  3. i'm no glee fan.. i just see some parts when my friends watch it and i always enjoy seeing kurt's clothes. maybe i should start following glee for them.


  4. I am sooo envious of this guy's glee wardrobe. I wonder how his character could realistically afford it considering the dad is a mechanic, but then again it's a show, and those clothes are extra eye candies. ;-)

  5. I think I have to check glee :D

    ps: it does look very gi-ven-chic :D

    question: from which magazine is that shoot ?!

  6. you're gonna love "sing". it was one of my favorite episodes this year. i should warn you that you'll probably cry more than once watching it.

  7. wait. my bad. that was "grilled cheesus" that i bawled my eyes out. duets was okay.

  8. You do know that "model above" is Mcqueen himself, right?

  9. O.o how could you think that this is mcqueen ?!


what's he wearing?