Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Loewe made-to-order collection 2011

loewe made-to-measure napa leather reversible jacket / ph: loewe

really loving the above reversible napa leather jacket from loewe's made-to-order 2011 collection. the collection is presented once a year, and the team from loewe would travel around the world for special made-to-order events. clients could then be measured, and choose from a wide range of leathers and color options.

in my quest for the perfect leather jacket, i kind of lost track within the instant gratification of online shopping, and lost within the fashionable moment of the distressed or biker jackets trend. leather jackets should be luxurious, and i would really like it to be. the whole made-to-measure experience sounds absolutely amazing, and dare i say tempting. and we don't really need a lot, one perfect leather jacket is all we need. and that's why the slot for the leather jacket in my wardrobe is still empty. yes i still believe in my mantra of buying less and buying better, the loewe reversible napa leather jacket fits that statement perfectly.

loewe made-to-measure suede down filled blouson / ph: loewe

or the down filled blouson in gorgeous blue suede above? i could have it in brown napa leather if i wanted to with this made-to-measure service. the loewe made-to-measure team will be in london week commencing 24th march 2011. should i go all out for the perfect leather jacket, and close my search once and for all? gosh i don't even dare ask how much it will cost.



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  1. I will be in London that week! How does one go about doing this? Where will the team be? I wonder the cost haha.


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