Friday, 25 February 2011

Mr. Hare Fall Winter 2011

and more shoes on this friday, this time from the lovely mr. hare. i've been very vocal about my love and support for mr. hare shoes. and i can honestly say, i really do like each and every collection. he hits the spot just right, like the above loafers in the perfect color. it's my favourite piece from the collection, and definitely one of the top three mr. hare shoes for me.

and the twist is, it comes with rubber soles!

straight to #wishlist! happy #shoesday!



  1. still the best school by far! consistently brilliant

  2. I'm a huge fan of Mr. Hare as well, and every season he never disappoints. The shoes do make the man in this case.
    snappy x

  3. Rubber Soles are incredibly more durable and comfortable but it is made all the much better with the sneaky smily face on the heel. Mr Hare knows how to hit the spot when it comes to...well anything he does

  4. Oooh I do like Mr Hare, and I'm sick of falling over in my leather soles, but couldn't they have made the rubber sole a little bit more aesthetically pleasing? No?

    Nice to meet you with Disneyrollrgirl et al, maybe see you around London.


  5. Lovely shoes! Rubber soles are much more confortable.

  6. I like the brown one too but it looks a tad plasticky in the photo no?


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