Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Pierre Hardy Spring Summer 2011

i'm having a tote bags frame of mind lately. after yesterday's leather bag in chestnut hue, today i am loving pierre hardy's "Bag D". the bag comes in hardy's signature 3d cube print on the coated fabric, with black leather handles and shoulder strap:

really loving the shoulder strap which is always a plus, and the gold snap link is a much welcomed feature on an otherwise open top bag. and especially loving that there isn't a hard base, so the bag will sag naturally and reduce side width, which is a big plus for me.

so far so good, loving all the features, the 3d print is certainly eye catching. what would go really well with the bag? the matching ipad sleeve of course:

so dear mr jobs, please release ipad v2 as soon as possible, so that gives me the excuse to get this ipad sleeve too. the tote bag and ipad sleeve will soon be / are available online here.




  1. i love the ipad sleeve but i find the bag a bit too tacky. i think i prefer the leather totes you posted yesterday.

  2. I love your daily selections, very good edit and all so lust worthy. Great stuff.

  3. did you got an Ipad yet ?!

  4. the graphic is a bit reminiscent of Goyard, no?

  5. yeah, i agree, kinda goyardish :)


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