Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Raymond Hau bags and iPad sleeves

raymond hau ipad sleeves / raymondhau.com

raymond hau is a los angeles based designer who recently launched his line of menswear accessories. what captured me most, was the use of the gorgeous exotic skins on his ipad sleeves and tote bags. i thought it was a pretty daring move for someone's debut bag collection, but raymond mentioned that he's been in fashion all his life, and some of his leather dresses were sold in barneys a few years back.

the ipad sleeves are definitely worth drooling over. featured above were the stunning sleeves in blue croc and natural python. price points were great too: the gorgeous python sleeve retails for US$440, about £300 which is pretty good going for a piece of exotic leather.

told you it's drool worthy. the ipad sleeves also comes in ring lizard leather, black python, sharkskin, calf etc. worth checking out his site to see the whole collection.

raymond hau bags / raymondhau.com

the bags were equally stunning. the alligator tote totally took my breathe away. perfect size. the python skin briefcase looked equally delectable too doesn't it. simply totes fabulous.

you can find out more about raymond hau's bags here. the good news is: there's an online store and he ships internationally! i am waiting for ipad v2 to be released, then one of these exotic ipad sleeves is coming home with me.

and also thank you to raymond who very kindly obliged to take the model shots for this post. i suggested that perhaps lifestyle shots would project the bags better, and i am right. certainly brought another dimension to the still product shots. and so he found the charming model (named matthew if you would like to know) and organised the shoot in 24hours if you would believe. amazing huh.

things like that excite me. he went all out and took the path less travelled by starting with exotics. i don't want to ask what's next, the question is what now, what sleeve, what bag!



  1. When I first heard about these bags via LSOD, I was intrigued; but to now see them displayed so much better here, I NEED that soft briefcase, but in hair-on calf-skin!! That just may be the most PERFECT 'briefcase' I have ever seen!! And, the pricing is fairly reasonable - SHOCKING! :-) Just superb looking bags - Each & every one. Stylish, yet still masculine looking ☆
    Great POST! ☆


    - Brad/

  2. brad: i wanted to wait for all the right information and pictures before doing the blog post. having the model with the bags made a great deal of difference isn't it.

    glad you like the bags, i love them too!

  3. hmm... wanting an ipad about 100x more after seeing that snake skin bag

  4. Do you know where i could find a document holder / portfolio in black python skin or mock croc ? similar to the ones featured in your article but with other proportions . I would really appreciate your help .

  5. Having fallen in love with these on Last Style of Defense, I am thinking about ordering the croc tote.

    Seeing them with the model is not that important, as we all know a great piece when we see one. Although it gives it a sense of proportion.


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