Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Balenciaga leather trim raincoat

ladies and gentlemen, please may i introduce my seventh balenciaga coat: the leather trim raincoat from spring summer 2011. after collecting my ipad on saturday, i trekked across town to harvey nichols for a little leisurely look-see. i saw the below jacket from matchesfashion.com, and really really like it, so i thought i'll go try it on to see how it fits.

to be honest, this was my original choice, the reason why i decided to venture across town even when the great big protest was happening in london on saturday. the leather and canvas jacket looked amazing, and i really like how it was styled above. i tried on the jacket, and the fit was ok, and i looked ok. and that's partly the problem, it's just ok. it's a beautiful jacket, but i think i couldn't carry off the look. anyway if you are keen, the jacket is available online here.

and then i saw the long grey coat with brown leather collar, the coat which was love at first sight and i featured it here last month. it fits beautifully, and i felt wowed by it. and so that became my seventh balenciaga jacket.

the jacket is made from a special blend of cotton and synthetic fibres to make it shower-proof. the brown leather collar, and the undersides of the two pockets on the front were made from soft calf leather. the fit is slightly roomy, and i was told it was to create a slight bell shape silhouette, a nod towards their signature womenswear egg shaped coats. i love the steely grey, contrasted beautifully with the leather collar, and that i can wear this to work without looking out of place. and it's perfect for the weather in london now, right in season.

the buttons were in a soft shade of brown, matches the grey and brown beautifully. i love the little details here and there.

the lining is just full of fun. it looked as if bright yellow tape was used to hold the stitchings together. i love the strong contrast of colors, and it just makes me smile whenever i see the taped effect.

and now for a little look at my small collection of balenciaga outerwear. well some people collect chanel handbags, some collect vintage watches, i love my balenciaga.

i wasn't exactly keen on how the coat was styled in balenciaga's lookbook. i prefer the styling on mrporter.com, but i would pair it with another pair of jeans/trousers. if you are keen, the coat is also available here from mrporter.com.

make this my lucky number se7en.



  1. Gorgeous!! mind to model it for us?
    Haven't seen any headless pic of yours quite some times. :P

  2. i did a headless pic yesterday!
    but will try to take a pic when i do wear this out :)

  3. beautiful.... and this is a collection to be proud of. the ss08 coat is my favorite.


  4. Excuse me, if you don't mind me asking, what programme do you use to edit your photos and what font is that? I love the layout is I may say so.

  5. me thinks you have too much money........

  6. Beautiful coat, would love to see how it looks worn on you.

  7. The structure of B coat is amazing, I understand why you keep collecting them. :)


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