Monday, 21 March 2011

Coach arrives in London

i remembered that years ago when i was still a student at university, i went to london for a day trip and bought a wool felt wristlet from coach for my then housemate. it was 2002 and the store was at the beautiful sloane street. since then, the store closed and i've been lamenting for a long time, why coach with it's many stores across the US, did not reopen a new store in london. and now with the economy on the path to recovery and london's retail scene thriving again, coach is back with a new store at london's westfield.

i love visiting the coach stores whenever i'm in new york, i think they do leather accessories at really good price points. and now with a store so near to me, i think it's a little dangerous!

for coach's spring summer 2011 menswear range, they tapped one of my favourite models, ben hill. great casting, and he can sell me anything, anyday. but let's look at the bag:

i love the above washed leather dual colored tote. simple yet stylish. personally, i would remove those washer tags, but it's just me. still one stylish bag isn't it?

there's also the taupe colored day bag with a handy shoulder strap. i really like it, i thought it's a great size, and the leather looked so soft and smooshy.

what i am excited about, is also the menswear apparel. i love the above khaki colored coat which is perfect for london's spring right now. i hope they stock a good selection of menswear at their london store. i'm not exactly a big fan of westfield mall, but it's still quicker than a plane ride to new york. i'm actually really excited, let me round up my troops and make it a westfield weekend.

oh, and my favourite item from their spring summer collection, is the above 'hudson' washed leather case. love the cognac brown leather and old school elastic band closure. i set my heart on getting it for the new ipad 2 which will be released in london on march 25th. but alas, i've been told it's not available in the uk! i couldn't see it on the US online store too. but, hong kong and singapore i will be come april, i hope i can find it there.

can't wait to visit the new store soon.


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