Monday, 14 March 2011

Julian Cheung [张智霖] at Cartier eyewear launch in Bottega Veneta

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hong kong artiste julian cheung chilam [张智霖] attended the launch of cartier eyewear in hong kong last week. he arrived in an olive colored leather jacket, matching t-shirt and trousers from bottega veneta spring summer 2011. chilam is amongst a small handful of artistes from asia who ages really well, he will be 40 this august but can you tell?

i really like the napa leather jacket, especially the sleeves with perforated detailings. i think this is a great example of taking streetwear to another level, in my humble opinion a direction that balmain homme should have taken when trying to do "streetwear luxe". there's pack full of details on this jacket, and one that you will hopefully take a second look if you see someone wearing it, because you know it's just not your regular leather jacket.

last year in paris while waiting for my friend to try on shoes at repetto, i saw a guy sitting in a corner also waiting patiently for his friend to try on her shoes. he wore a gorgeous leather jacket, which although common in black, looked so luxurious and instinct tells you it's not your run of the mill jackets. not speaking french but sensing my enthusiasm after a few pointing and gesturing, he said "hermès". ahhhh. i think this jacket falls within the same category.

bottega veneta spring summer 2011 fine napa blouson /

i love this jacket, one of my favourite pieces from bottega veneta spring summer 2011.


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