Monday, 21 March 2011

Libertin Louison Technique Indiscrete: Cologne "For Them"

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cologne "for them" by parisian perfumer libertin louison of "technique indiscrete". a lavender based cologne made to help japanese people in times of crisis, a cologne made for the town of minami sanriku (南三陸町) which disappeared after the tsunami. as disneyrollergirl pointed out, lavender is well known for its healing and calming properties, it smells heavenly and appeals to men and women alike.

1,000 numbered bottles, €35 for 50ml. all profits donated.

& i bought mine in a heartbeat.



  1. Love this, and just bought mine as well!!

  2. Wonder if any of you has received your order of this fragrance. Mine hasn't arrived so far.

  3. Me too, I emailed them several times but no replies. Angry.

  4. I would be very careful ordering from this company. They owe me £1000 for an order I placed for my store back in January and they have never sent me the stock. They do not answer emails, phone calls or letters.

  5. Deryane Tadd: I was in the same situation. I ordered the cologne but did not receive the goods for 2 months already. They did not reply to my emails too.

    I paid using PayPal, and I filed a complaint using PayPal's Dispute Resolution Service. Funny enough, I received a delivery notification from TNT the day after. The parcel is currently on it's way to me.

    I would suggest you keep hounding them, or use PayPal's services if applicable.

  6. Thank you for your comments. I'll let you know if I get any further.

  7. I'm STILL waiting for my order! Tried numerous times to reach someone and heard back twice w/ no follow up emails. How do they expect to get any repeat business after all this? A shame they wasted such a nice gesture just to piss off customers.

  8. So Strange! I buy few time on this online shop, never i have problem!
    i receive the good in time and good customer service, i know from an other client this shop change their logistic company may be the last one was not good....

    I mean sometimes it can happen .... no body is perfect but for me i never have problems with this!

    Barbara from Firenze


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