Thursday, 17 March 2011

Mika in Christian Louboutin "Superball"

not sure how i missed this, but mika was seen wearing christian louboutin's "superball" at "queen: stormtroopers in stilettos" event last month in london. erm, what a title for an event, and what a shoe. it's one of my favourites from spring summer 2011, works really well with jeans as in mika's case (not really liking the blue blazer with the long coat, i prefer one or the other, not both at the same time...). his shoes brought his outfit to life.

i l00o00ve! now i want my own "superball".

photo of mika by nick harvey, getty images. wacky superman and wonder woman graphic from comicvine. "superball" from



  1. I'm loving the new "handwritten" way you do the collages now. Are these hand-drawn or is this pure photoshop prowess?

  2. i quite like a scanner actually.. but those are all photoshop :)

  3. Hey you changed your Blog Title font. I like it. Btw, I am waiting for you to join Tumblr

  4. I am loving those shoes!!

    Now if only I can persuade my BF to wear them hehe.

    Love your blog, been reading it for years!



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