Monday, 21 March 2011

Missoni x Converse Spring Summer 2011

missoni x converse spring summer 2011

missoni x converse spring summer 2011, fall winter 2010 and spring summer 2010

i my new shoes!



  1. Are you buying the brand and not design ? (because aesthetically these shows are not that creative, color blocking at its best). I know for a fact if any body else made these, nobody would give them a second thought let alone buy it. They are so damn ugly. But to each his own I guess.

  2. ian: i totally get what you're saying. i took a step back and asked myself if i still wanted the shoes if it's not missoni, and my answer is still yes. i feel this is a great collaboration, taking the classic converse designs and making it missoni's own with their signature prints. missoni's prints are very much an acquired taste i must agree, and you would have guessed i'm actually quite a big fan of their weaves and prints.

    the shoes come with really nice detailings: leather accents on the tongue, net details on the inside etc. i really like them. yes to each their own i guess :)

    and nice pictures no? i thought those look so arty, like how some of those mags would do it. i really like the whole feel about it.

  3. Thanks for explaining. The pictures are nice, but they are small, kind of hard to see (the ads). Very artsy, not my taste, but get the appeal. You know I liked the others ones you purchased and blogged about and the fall winter ones too. Also I should mention I love the Missoni brand. I love its niche. Have you seen the Havaianas Missioni Espadrilles and Sandals. Can't wait to get them. That's what I am buying. Check them out online.

  4. May i know where can i get a pair these in london.

  5. anon: the missoni store on sloane street should have them... :)

    let me know if you do get them!

  6. May i know if this pair is available somewhere online? :)

  7. hi. have u seen the other 2011 F/W Missoni x Converse? quality of the pic is not so good but you'll get the idea. how can i share it with u?


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