Tuesday, 1 March 2011

MYO swimwear

last wednesday during london fashion week menswear day, i visited the mayfair hotel to have a closer look at myo swimwear, a new line of luxury resort wear for men. founded by brothers david and william fattal, they wanted to redefine the style found on the french riviera. i covered men's resort wear several times on here, and am adamant that grown men should be seen wearing nice tailored shorts on the beach (ie, no speedos please!). i feel that this is a rather niche market, but gradually opening up. myo swimwear seem to have launched at a really good timing. the economy is on the up, and i feel there is a growing appetite for something nice and cleancut on the beach. however will it be an easy sell? consumers have a keen eye, and they look out for nice detailings, that little bit extra to justify spending a hundred over pounds on a pair of swimshorts. however i always insist on buying less but buying better. we only really need one good pair (ok, maybe two...), so might as well choose wisely and invest in a nice piece. they do say a lot of (dangerous) liaisons start from the beaches, no?

and so it was really nice, to be able to see the pieces up close and personal. for myo's first collection, i must say it's small but concise, and packed full of details. my personal favourite is the pair below in green with harpoon designs:

i love the vibrant color which will be perfect for the beach. the jacquard fabric are all woven in como, italy. the fabric is made to dry easily, and each pair of shorts featured nice metallic toggle ends. ever happened to you, where the drawstrings "disappear" into the elastic waistband, or you look really awkward trying to get both ends to be in line? they've solved the problem, by fixing the drawstring at the back of the shorts, so the strings will always be symmetrical.

rather than me blinding your eyes by getting into the shorts, here's a very fine specimen demonstrating how it's done. i really like the fit here:

other interesting details include multicolor stitching found on all their shorts. i hope my photography did it justice, but notice the changing colors on the stitching above. i thought it was a really cool detailing, a nice little signature to set them apart.

a close favourite after the green harpoon comes this pink numbered called roy, which featured the cartoon-isque exclamation mark inspired by wham comics from the 60s. i love it, definitely a fun piece to wear on the beach.

if pink and green seem a little loud for the slightly conservatives amongst us, then may i suggest the classic grey with black drawstrings, doesn't it look so stylish especially with the way they tie the knot above? and to push the boat out further, customers will soon be able to have their initials stitched onto the shorts too. great idea, and one that i think will appeal to their target market.

i thought for a debut collection, myo swimwear hits the right spot. prices are a little steep but with all things in life, you do pay for what you get. there are a lot of quirky little details, and the fattal brothers set a really nice vision and image for their resort wear too. especially loving the choice of the model above, very healthy physique, real and believable.

their website and e-store will soon be operational, i will keep a lookout!



  1. Love the violet whith foot prints!!
    Kisses from Spain

  2. do u know the prices (approximately) ?

  3. anon: it' s about £130+, and a little more for customisation :)

  4. I like the idea, but I still think I prefer Orlebar Brown. Customising a pair of swimming trunks sounds like its going a bit too far!

  5. look like he is going to zzz in a pool. hahah.

  6. Love them!! v slick. Also really like the customisation idea. Go hard or go home!!!

  7. MYO is a blessing for all men that want to stand out on the beach! no more matching daddy and son trunks for us young successful men

  8. They look amazing! The interactive website is really helpful :)
    The feel of them is noteworthy as well.


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